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MUSIC 2013 mtv-vmas-performers-600x450

I watched the MTV VMAs last night and was blown away!  Maybe it’s because I’m not that hooked into ‘the scene’.  Got me thinking about the state of music today.   2013 is a long time away from the 90’s jams I was rocking to in my youth.  I like music that makes me want to dance and I love lyrics that have a little more meaning than ‘my humps’.**  (sorry to all the fergie fans)

Music-quotes-sayings-sad-listen-wisdomI’ve been lucky enough to have been to plenty concerts.  My husband doesn’t bat an eye when I turn up the stereo in our home to full blast.  I watched the performances and realized that not much has changed.  Sex (blurred lines), objectivity of women (we can’t stop) and discrimination (same love) are still the main topics of many songs that we here today.  In the 90’s there were so many songs that did the same thing, but why does it seem worse now?

Bob-Marley-Music-Quotes-WallpaperDid you watch the VMA’s?  Do you agree that musicians/music seem to be raunchier than ever before?


** i can’t say that i’ve never danced to songs with trashy lyrics. i can’t.

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