hey boys…

Summer Trend –THE TANK

tumblr_mr057bHr7p1qjkye2o1_500Here’s a fashion dilemma…  I think some men would never be seen in a tank, and then there are those who will try anything once, twice?  What’s your take on a man in a tank?  You like?  You like not?

img-thingA few tips for you who would like to try… Look for a tank that has good coverage for the type of upper body you have (unless you’re Muscles McGee…).  Some have low necklines and wide arm holes.  If you are challenged in the chest area, or are a manly man with mountains of hair, a skimpy tank may not be the first place to start.  Try to get a tank that will work with the shape you are.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Also, please do not feel like you need a plethora of tattoos to wear a tank.  Sure, the tank shows off your ink, but it’s not at all necessary to race out and get tatted up in order to rock a tank top.  You just need a smile and some confidence!

poppy-pristine-men-s-tankI’m into the tank on boys as long as said boy does NOT look like he is trying to hard.  As I said earlier, when trying something new do it with confidence and a smile.  That goes a long way!

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