What’s your style?


such good style

Lately I’ve realized that so many of us just want a little change.  Nothing too crazy, just something a bit different.  Something that makes you look twice.  I have what you need folks!  I do!  You don’t need to change your haircut EVERY TIME you visit the salon! You can have the same haircut and STYLE it differently day-to-day!  You can!

hair2So I’m sounding very excited right now, but it’s because I’ve discovered something.  Styling your hair can literally be done differently day-to-day!  You can change something very little almost every time you wear you hair!  Part on the left Monday, part on the right Tuesday, pull back hair on the left Wednesday, pony-tail Thursday…ya get me right?  It may seem a little odd but it doesn’t take much.  Start feeling bored with your old hair?  POW!  You have a bobby clip accent in your hair!  ….Okay the exclamations are done.



Ask your stylist for tips and tricks on styling your hair.  We just got these styling kits and they are a great place to start (for those of you who are ready for the challenge).  The kit includes bobby pins (available in three color types), 2 combs, and 2 clips (for hot tool styling).  Oh and the canvas sack can be reused to carry anything else that suits your fancy. 🙂

Do you style your hair?  Why?  Why not?  We’d love to know!

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