the fresh perspective…


It’s time!  I’m taking some time off and won’t be posting till I’m back from vacation.  For the next few days I’ll be hanging out at splash pads, eating out, and doing some ultra light reading (I’m traveling with kiddos).


Holidaying with little ones can be interesting and if you’re doing it alone, it can be tiring.  While the kids are sleeping I’m going to attempt to read a book and just take it all in.  I’ll be looking forward to not cooking and cleaning,  I’ll be looking forward to getting browner in the sun and I’ll be looking forward to early nights…

women-dress-reading-books-turkish-nail-polishBecause the girls are with me, I’m planning most of my trip around them.  We will be going to the zoo and some random pools.  We’ll be watching the movies of my youth Annie and The Little Rascals.  Along with my light reading, I would like to check out the Patti Smith exhibit at the AGO and cook a meal for my great hosts…

PattiSmithAll in all, I’ll be offline for ten glorious days.  I hope that all of you have planned some time to get away between now and the end of the summer.  As important as it is to have a job and work, and save, and be practical; it’s just as important to take breaks, rest and be silly.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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