magic monday – luscious lady locks

As someone who wishes she woke up with sultry, bombshell hair à la Lana Del Rey, but isn’t willing to spend more than half an hour getting ready … I’ve made a new best friend. Hot Rollers.

LDR - new age bombshell

LDR – new age bombshell

Hot Rollers are the perfect way to get curls so sultry, you’d swear you stepped off a Victoria’s Secret runway. They’re more or less foolproof (bonus!) and take minutes to set.

Here’s how:

Heat up your rollers. I normally flip the switch on mine as I’m headed to the kitchen to make my coffee. After I’ve got my first cup in hand, it’s time to begin!


Starting with the top of your head, separate hair into 2-inch sections (sections should not be wider than the roller itself) Spray each section with your favorite hair spray (ours is the Kevin Murphy Session Spray) and roll hair onto the roller. Set in place with a roller-clip.

For added volume, remember to over direct the hair forward, while holding taut as you roll.


kevin murphy session spray

I normally roll the center section of my hair (from forehead to nape) then go on to roll two rows on each side.

When every hair is nestled ever-so-snuggly in hot roller heaven, I slap on some rouge, and grab a bite to eat. Your rollers are ready to remove when they’ve cooled completely. Most days I get distracted, and by the time they’ve cooled down, I’m only halfway done my breakfast. If you’re in a bit of a rush, just give them a blast of cool air with your hair dryer.

Now for the fun part. Unclip each roller, and unleash the curls. When you’ve removed all the rollers from your hair, run your fingers through and give your head a shake.

Next, for that even, relaxed bombshell look, run a natural bristled paddle brush over your tresses. We love this boar bristle brush from Dannyco. (Free when you purchase any two Osis or Euphora products in our boutique!)

dco paddleGive your hair one last spritz of Session Spray, and you’re ready to go!


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