Renée’s Aesthetic


We all love getting a good manicure, but who are we kidding…we are almost more excited to show them off afterwards.  Taking photos of freshly painted nails can be a tricky thing.  You want to show if not all of the fingers, at least most of them.  Fingers can be some of the toughest and most stubborn models I know, ha!  I always have a good giggle with my friends and clients when I ask them to pose for pictures.  Whether you’re taking photos of your own work, or someone else’s, my best suggestion is just to keep them relaxed and take a number of photos.  It usually doesn’t happen on the first shot, so don’t get discouraged.  The beauty of photography, is that you can edit and crop almost everything.  Good lighting and background are also key points.

Here are some photos to give all you nail addicts some photo inspiration…


seafoam top


gold accent nail



Most of all, have some fun with it 😉

– né xo

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