the fresh perspective…

Change.  It.  Up.

What’s new in your life lately?  New car?  New spring kits?  New hair?  It’s funny, out of all the people who sit in my chair day in and out, I still get a wee tingle when someone comes in and wants a totally NEW do!  First I get a little nervous, and then immediately excited!  When’s the last time you did something completely different?

When’s the last time you asked your stylist to suggest something out of the norm for you?  Any of you readers that know me personally know that I love change and love to see the energy that a new hairstyle (cut or color) can give my client.  We have an instagram feed that we post mega changes and ‘the daily musings of us’ on.  I want to share with you one of my favorite change ups of all…



Our instagram handle is @freshairboutique and if you’re looking for some inspiration or motivation check out some of our hair images.  Maybe you’ll like something and might want to try…  Don’t forget, as long as you’re healthy, your hair will grow back.  Change.  It.  Up.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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