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Kevin Murphy Rinses


Time for a product review folks!  I know, I know, we love Kevin Murphy and it’s obvious, but it’s also because it’s sooooo good.  All of their shampoos come with rinses NOT conditioners.  This is a unique feature available only to Kevin Murphy users.  Simple concept.  You wash your hair, then you rinse it and condition your hair, then you rinse that out.  What?  What was the point of conditioning your hair just to rinse out the conditioner?  You might as well have just dumped your condish down the drain.


Kevin Murphy does not sell conditioners, only rinses.  So here’s the deal.  With KM rinses (note: it is a rinse not a conditioner) you apply the rinse to all your locks after you’ve washed and then you rinse out a third of the product!  Yes!  You leave most of it in, and depending on the type of hair you have, you may not rinse at all!

Now, I personally have never really used conditioner prior to hearing about the KM rinses because I believed that it’s not what I put in and rinse out, but what I put in and LEAVE IN that would actually quench my hairs’ thirst for moisture.  I would just skip the conditioning all together and go with a leave in because my hair was so dry…


These rinses have the same concept.  You would wash then ‘rinse’ and then literally rinse for 2-4 seconds and move on.  For you folks that don’t like to use styling products these rinses are perfect because when you get out of the shower you could just let your hair dry naturally and call it a day.  DO NOT FRET!  Your hair WILL NOT be greasy if you leave these rinses in.  They are designed to stay in and will be a great base for any other product you would like to use.  If you choose not to add anything else to your hair, that’s fine too!  The rinse is a product that will also keep your hair conditioned, soft and healthy.

Kevin Murphy rinses come in a variety of types.  Ask your stylist which one would be best for you and get ready for a whole new condition!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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