magic monday- heart on

Who are your current hair-heroes?

HEART, 1970s : Ann Wilson(right) and Nancy Wilson. Central Park, New York, USA.

Ann + Nancy Wilson of HEART, have forever been an inspiration to me.Not only are they one of the most ferocious sister duos in the history of all sisters, they can slay your heart through song. I mean, Magic Man? Come on now.

ann nancy wilson life

Since cutting bangs about a month ago, I’ve been looking to the Wilson sisters for a touch of hair-spiration, and as a result of countless hours spent in a youtube wormhole (watch this video to see how ann + nancy made robert plant cry), their Little Queen-era gypsy rock style has been heavily influencing my thrift buys as of late (how much black fringe does a girl really need?? am i really going to wear pointed, studded black boots with this silk kimono??)

ann nancy

In about a weeks time, I will be in the presence of these sublime sisters, and here’s what I’ll be doing to get the same sleek, rocker hair as the Wilson sisters are sporting. Start off by throwing in a bit of Body Guard to your damp hair will not only offer you a bit of heat protection, but it’ll also help to smooth out any dry ends. After you’ve dried up your coif, throw in a few heavy, flat-iron curls. Spray with a hair spray (we like Session Spray or Glamour Queen) and SHAKE IT OUT! For any fly aways, try taming them down with a tiny touch of an anti-frizz cream, like Anti-Gravity. VOILA!!

Ann Wilson guitar

Now for those super sexy lash-grazing bangs. NOTHING is better for your bang situation than the Freshair Dry Cleaning Spray. I repeat. NOTHING. I’ve struggled with bangs for years, and I’m now convinced it was because I didn’t have this spray in my life. When your bangs are freshly washed and almost too clean, Freshair will give them a bit of extra grit and lift, which in turn takes them a bit off your forehead, thus avoiding greasy pizza face. Then, as the days wear on, a little spritz of this stuff will ensure that no questionable looks of ‘did you just crawl out of an oil slick?’ be directed towards you.


we’d love to hear who your hair heroes are! have a great week, freshies!!

xxo pascale

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