the fresh perspective…

Are you HM?


High maintenance.  What?!  It seems like being ‘high maintenance’ is a phrase used for people who are über picky, opinionated about things, and a bit demanding.  Is that so?  I wouldn’t say that I am very picky, opinionated, or demanding, but I have been called high maintenance.

What’s the deal? Because I know what wine I like to drink and I get my nails manicured weekly?  Because I like my eyebrows to look a particular way and I never wear animal print?  Because I have been known to say ‘no’ to certain activities and ‘yes’ to others?  Because I know what my tongue likes to taste and what lip shade looks best?  This is not bad, this is good.  I know myself and I know what I like.  I do not push my opinions on others and always try to be edifying where I can.


Being HM has received a bad reputation because some folks don’t know how to be polite.  Some people make things that should be so easy, so hard.  They are cocky about where they’ve been and who they know.  They let you know how much they spent on their last facial or what boutique grocer knows them by name.  That’s not being high maintenance, that’s just being rude.  The way that people act can say a lot about who they actually are.  ‘HIgh maintenance’ has a negative connotation that should be changed.

A few weeks ago some of us were having this conversation in the shop.  Why is someone high maintenance because they only want blonde?  PLATINUM blonde: without any brassiness.  Why is someone high maintenance because they bring their own polish to a manicure service?


Well, there should be a different term for the type of rude gals that annoy us all.  I’ll gladly be called high maintenance if it means that I know what Praise likes.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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