Renée’s Aesthetic

I admit, it is a blast to get caught up in all the glory of the holidays.  We want to purchase new outfits, get our hair done, try new makeup techniques etc.  Although, I truly believe sometimes simple is best.  Don’t get me wrong, get out there experiment (I FULLY encourage it) but perhaps when time is a little more forgiving.  We, as women are beautiful  to begin with.  So why don’t we bring it back down to earth, and let that inner beauty shine.  A few simple touches on the outside is all it takes ladies (classic black liner, a pop of color on the lid, bright/bold lips, or some gold shimmer).  Don’t be scared to showcase your natural self.  No one else out there can do it except for you.  Here’s a handful of inspirational/breath-taking photos of some stunning women.

au naturel

black and white

eyeliner colorlipsnaomi


pink lips

So why don’t you join me this holiday season, for some LAID BACK BEAUTY.


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