Renée’s Aesthetic

Hey lovelies!

I’ve been on a massive DIY kick lately, so I thought I’d share one of my most recent projects with you!  I know we’ve all reached that point where we get tired of our wardrobe, and get that major urge to go shopping.  Here’s a quick, incredibly simple way to spruce up your everyday fashion with a little bit of paint and a potato.  Yes, I said potato.

Items needed:

– old pair of black tights

– white paint (fabric paint is ideal, although acrylic will work as well)

– small plate/dish (for paint)

– potato

– sharp knife

– paint brushes (for any touch ups)


Step #1: Lay your clean pair of black tights on a flat surface, front side up.  Feel free to lay newspaper underneath, incase you’re a messy worker (like myself).

Step #2: Cut your potato stamp!  Cut the potato in half, then create whichever shape you so choose.  This time around I was in the mood for some triangles.


Step #3: Squeeze a little paint on your dish, to have easy access throughout the stamping process.


Step #4: Stamp away!  Do as many or as little stamps as you like, for as “busy” of a look you’re going for!  I tried switching from each leg to make sure I was getting even coverage. I also kept the paint brushes handy in case of touch ups needed, because the potato stamp on fabric can be a little subdued at times.


Make sure that you let the paint dry completely before moving your tights.  I only did the front but if you’re feeling ambitious, turn em’ over and do the back!  Feel free to try different colors, different materials etc.  The whole point of DIY is to get creative.


Happy thursday everyone!


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