the fresh perspective…


…so good.

This product is bananas!  It makes your skinny hairs full.  The amount of thickness you can get from this little bottle is mind-blowing!  I know I’m sounding a bit pumped but…I’m pumped.

Depending on the amount of hair you have, you have to be careful not to use too much.  I used a bit more than I should have once, and my clients hair felt just a bit too full. (hee hee)  It felt a little too producty… ( Yes.  I made that up.)    I know you all know what producty means…  When you go to touch your hair it feels like it’s full of gooey, goop, products.  Hence, producty.

Just a couple more pointers about this gem of a product.  It has very little hold and may need to layered with a mousse or styling product to achieve better hold.  It is a thickening lotion and should not be confused with a volumizer.  It does make your hair feel full and a bit bigger.  It just depends what type of hair you have.  It may work as a thickener and volumizer for you fine haired folks and maybe just a thickener for those of you with an average amount of hair.

If you’re curious, ask about it when you come for your next appointment.  For those of you who are not from around these parts, look for Kevin Murphy products in your area or ask your stylist.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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