Renée’s Aesthetic

How better to celebrate the holiday season with a little nail inspiration?  Here are a few pictures of my personal favorites, to get those ideas brewing.

The classic red, good for any holiday party!

Priti NYC Polish is a great line of eco-friendly polishes.  Here are my three top reds of the moment: Guinea Rose (for that deep ruby slipper, type of shimmer), Japanese Rose (for that blue red), and Red Head Cactus (for that classic orange-red).

Green& gold.

To replicate the above picture use either Fishbone Cactus (if you want a solid, bright green) or Devil’s backbone (if you want a great forest/shimmery color) for the green nails.  As an accent nail color, I absolutely LOVE Chrysanthos.

Seafoam, great all year-long.

If you are the type to skip our snowy December, and jet off on a hot vacation, I’ve got the color for you.  Priti NYC’s Lungwort is flawless.  Although, if you are more into a minty green with a tiny gold sparkle go for Dusty Miller.

Pure Gold sparkle.

For that really special party, go for all over Chrysanthos.  If you want longer lasting nails for a good chunk of the holiday season, try our OPI permanent polish in Golden Eye.  It’s like little golden disco balls on your nails.

Oh so blue.

Blues are in.  Our signature color at Freshair Boutique is Dracula Orchid (a great grey-blue).  Another amazing blue, that’s deep and rich, is Schwarkopf.  Trust me, neither will disappoint you.

Don’t forget ladies and gents, at Freshair Boutique we have a holiday mani&pedi special for only $50.  Be sure to call us at 204-414-9023 to book that well deserved pampering and to complete your holiday look.


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