the fresh perspective…


The last salon etiquette entry was about re-booking your appointment and this one is about pictures.

Why is it that clients are always apologizing to their stylist for bringing a picture?  I don’t get it?  Whoever said it was a bad idea?  I think that somewhere down the line clients had began to feel that bringing a picture to your stylist was insulting to the stylist and his/her craft.

It seemed that the clients felt that the image would make me feel like I couldn’t create something different.  Maybe I would feel too constrained with my ‘vision’ for my clients hair and my creative juices couldn’t flow because the magazine clipping of Meg Ryan was causing me to have a tiny mental block…  Pshaw!  I love pictures!  I love magazine clippings that are worn out from years of carrying in a wallet.  Even more than that, I love actual photos that clients carry of the hairs from their past.  When they were young and wild and free…

Pictures allow me to really see what you see or what you would like to see on yourself.  Pictures allow me to see what YOUR definition of chocolate-brown is.  Pictures give me a small idea about how much time your really want to spend on your hair.
Unless your stylist says to you, “DO NOT BRING ME A PICTURE. EVER!”, please do.  We welcome them and only want to help you on your hair journey.  And as cheesy as that sounds, that’s the fresh perspective…

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