Thanking You!

Every year at Thanksgiving we all take the time to appreciate each other.  Even though not all of our readers are Canadian, I’m still saying thanks to you all.  Thanks to my great staff at the shop, thanks to my family, thanks to my friends…


Now that the season is changing all I can think of is the impending cold.  The thing about the cold is that it makes you want to be close.  The cold makes us want to cuddle and stay warm.  The cold makes us want to eat heavy foods that stick to our insides and heat us from within.  The cold reminds us of those moments  and time spent together, inside.


Thanksgiving is the beginning of a new and wonderful season and I am forever thankful that I have people in my life to spend this chilly time with.  I am also thankful that I did not lose anyone this year.   To all of you who have lost a loved one or family member, Thanksgiving is an amazing time to honor them and remember them by giving thanks for the life you currently have.

Thanking you all!


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