the fresh perspective…


There’s a real permanent polish phase going on and I thought I should touch on it a little.  Permanent polish is a service similar to gel nails.  It’s a basecoat that you cure, followed by a thick nail polish that needs a UV or LED light to set or ‘cure’.  Then you put a topcoat on and cure again.

The look?  Perfectly polished hands that can stay this way for up to 2 weeks.  The service is about an hour-long because you need about 10 minutes to remove the previous polish.  If you’re getting it done for the first time it takes less than an hour and is dry instantly! No need to wait around the shop, or get someone else to dig into your purse to get your keys…when the topcoat is cured you can do anything you like.  The gel hardens and is set.

The Holland Collection

Remember everyone is different.  My permanent polish has lasted a week and that is a small victory for my hands and I.  At one point permanent polish only lasted on my nails for up to four days.  This is my first time trying OPI’s permanent polish and it worked really well on me and finally lasted an entire week!

‘Thanks a Windmillion’ Holland Collection

If you are a permanent polish lover and haven’t had OPI’s GelColor then you are missing out!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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