the fresh perspective…


Since we’re on a scarf kick this week I wanted to show you guys some other ways to wear them.  Scarves are a great accessory and can be used for so many things.  Belt it around your waist, wrap it in your hair, wrap it around your neck…the combinations are endless.


As someone who owns a few scarves I will leave you with a few tips.  Try to make sure your collection has variation.  If you have a lot of long scarves, maybe try buying a shorter one.  If your collection is mostly heavy scarves, opt for a light one on your next purchase.  Material is also important.  Some scarves do better when bunched up, some are nicer looking when left sleek.

long and sleek

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone of us at the shop to show you how we would wear them or tie them.   I know that there’s a scarf sale at the shop, and If you are looking to get someone a gift or maybe just add a little something to your repertoire, come check out our selection.   Keep in mind that it’s only a deal if you need it so…I hope you guys have cold necks and/or bursting wallets! That’s the fresh perspective…

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