the fresh perspective…

The Curling Iron

In this day and age the flat iron gets all the love.  Intermittently I’ve been using my curling iron, and I forgot how great it is.  Don’t get me wrong, the flat iron is a great all around tool and can do so much, but the curling iron?  The curling iron does not get enough love in this era.

so full and bouncy…

The curling iron has the ability to give more of a full look.  It also makes giving texture to hair quite easy.  The flat iron does take some skill to use as a curling tool.  You need to be be swift with your movements as not to put a 90 degree kink into your locks.  The curling iron is simple and basic and doesn’t require much dexterity.  That being said, the curling iron can be a little complicating.

eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

How does one begin to make a decision about the type of iron to get? Well, you can always start by asking your stylist.  He/she will be able to guide you down a good path and should offer all the advice and tips that they know.  There is pretty much an iron for just about any length of hair and any type of hair.

The lovely curling iron is also a bit gentler than a flat iron because they are less hot and don’t have two continuous heated plates squeezing the sweetness out of your hairs.   Any type of regular heat styling may leave your hair looking dull and unhealthy so keep that in mind when deciding your styles.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming week of hair.  I’m going to get a few curls into some of my clients hairs and start a revolution!!! That’s the fresh perspective…

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