the fresh perspective…



Boys can get their facial on too! Ya got a face? Get a facial…

I recently received a facial service from the one and only Renee at the shop!  I fell asleep and it felt remarkable!  We chatted a little about how everyone should take the time to get a facial.  She suggested that a facial once a month could keep your skin in the best condition.  A monthly facial would include some extractions and some masks.  Whether  you are an oily type or a dry type, there is a mask for you.

Being one of the oily types, I had a deep cleansing facial with a few extractions.  My skin looked and felt AMAZING!   Why is it viewed as vain when people put a real effort into taking care of themselves?

How much care do you take?  Do you watch your diet?  Are you concerned about your hair, skin, and nails?  Do you exercise?  When was the last time you had a massage or gave your hair a deep treatment?  Does your dentist see you twice a year and your optometrist as well?  Is it important to you to look well put together day in and day out?  These are some funny questions, but the answers tell of how you treat your physical body.

How important are you to yourself?  I know that I like to push myself physically and enjoy sweating, but I neglect little things like facials.  I don’t have regular appointments for massages and I could pay more attention to my hands and feet.  Thanks Renee for a great experience, you’ll be seeing me in four weeks!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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