the fresh perspective…

A little food for thought…

what does it all mean?

This is an adult

These days are beginning to feel very tight.                                                                      It’s seems like there is no space to squeeze anything else into the 24 hours I’m given.  

Why do I feel like I must be so productive? Why do I feel like I must always be doing something and everything?                                                                                                 

I have so many questions and I might have some answers.                                           

But, this is what being an adult is.



I’ve been struggling a little bit with the harsh realization that I am not young anymore.  Youth to me is freedom and allowance.  When you’re young you aren’t tied down with mortgage and car payments.  When you are young you can move across the universe and start fresh.  When you are young you are allowed to fail, and fail again.

Then you become an adult and suddenly everything they told you in your twenties makes sense.  Suddenly you are so much more aware of how you make decisions and what the future holds.

Being an adult is not easy, because it requires maturity and competence.  In so many words, being adult is very grown up…I think adding a few children really amplifies things as well.  That’s the fresh perspective…

One thought on “the fresh perspective…

  1. Hmmmm… Not sure if I agree totally with your perspective.

    Just because someone has responsibilities doesn’t make them an adult, conversely just because someone can pick-up and move at the drop of a hat doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from the pressures of being a “grown up”.

    I do understand our definition of “youth” might be different… hence the divide. But being young can have two meanings… the literal meaning or the concept. We were all young at some point and we grow old, that’s a fact. As we grow though we tend to let responsibilities and expectations suffocate our outlook.

    Don’t let your awareness of life’s harsh realities rob you of the positive outlook you once had of life.

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