Inhale with meaning... Exhale with intent.

Monday, Monday, the beginning of the week for most.  Here we go again…

My brother moved to Montreal last week and has only been gone for less than a week and it’s so strange how much I miss him even though I didn’t see him everyday.

He lived just down the street and we would meet once a week at least.  I knew where he was and I knew what he was doing mostly, and now…

I’m so happy that he has taken this opportunity to try something new and relocate himself and his life to another place.  He will be learning how to speak french (I’m envious but I am hoping he can be my pseudo teacher) playing music, and doing a lot of writing.

Life is something you can only experience when you breathe.  It’s the one intrinsic thing that separates us from the dead. Inhale, exhale.


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