the fresh perspective…

So the changes, as you can see, have finally happened.  Instead of posting about product today, I’d like to write about good old change… Again…  I feel like this topic is one that I will always have time to chat about.  Maybe it’s cause I’m a hairstylist.  Maybe it’s cause I like change.  Who knows…  What I know is that life is too short for us to be stagnant and not grow.

Change happens in our lives every year starting with our birth dates.  We get older every year, we make goals, we cross milestones…  We do it without even realizing sometimes and then other times? Nope. Nada. Not gonna change, no way, not ever!

When changes don’t benefit us we aren’t interested.  When we are the sole beneficiary of a big change it’s funny how quickly we can do it.  Getting married? Grow your hair out for six months so you can have the up-do of your dreams.  Just like that you can decide to make a change.

This site was a long time coming and I worked very hard on it.  I found it difficult to accept that I had to make a change in my life and learn how to build a site on my own.  I am not tech savvy and would rather pay someone to do it but as new business go money is short.  Praise made a decision and got to work.   Thanks again to all who helped me out!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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