S.W.O.T. Analysis

Had an okay weekend… I went to a Management course yesterday and got a better understanding of what it really takes to run a successful salon.  I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been a part of my dream.  The fact that I can say that I am a Salon Owner is just.  Amazing to me.  I can honestly say that I never take for granted  how lucky I am to be living my dream (thanks Freshair gals…). Today really showed me how clear my vision is for my business.  The hours spent, helped me to understand that I need to spend more hours working on myself in order to help the business grow.

Now, I know that there are a few things that I believe in that may not fall under the perfect scope of business, but I am willing to listen and try my best to understand how things really need to be done in order to have  a successful business.  Staff is key because I’m only as good as the folks around me but what is even more important is me.  I need to be a better leader and I need to really understand the art of leading by example and taking initiative.

Just did the analysis again yesterday and I think that it’s something that I will be re-visiting from time to time.


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