the fresh perspective…

How often do you wash your hair?  I’m sure for most the answer is a few times a week, and for others, it’s everyday.  How many issues do you have with your hairs? Are you absolutely happy with the way it looks, feels, smells?  Can you rattle off three things  right now that you can say you love about your hair?  If you’re not too pumped with your hair or your hair style there may be a few things that you can do to help yourself out.  Of course the first (and most obvious to me) is to start a conversation with your stylist and see what he/she recommends.

The second thing? Just wash less. Simple pimple…  For those of you that have achieved ultimate hair bliss for now, disregard…  For you daily washers?  You gotta just try.  Slowing your hair washing can do wonders for you hair and it’s longevity and condition.  I understand those of you who are very active and feel the need to clean your hair of any sweat and grime, but the sweat and grime may only need a rinse.  Rinsing everyday is better than adding shampoo everyday and even if you switch to every other day to start you will notice a difference in time.

Have an issue with the grease build up?  Your hair may be producing so much oils because it’s being washed off daily.  If you let your natural oils come in over time the state of grease in your hair will spread out.  If you feel like you’re in between washes and your hair is super greasy there are many types of products to mask the greasiness.  Also, you can pin parts of it up and/or wear a hat.  Just a few options…

Like I said, before you start any type of new hair regime talk it over with your stylist and ask him/her if maybe slowing down your washing might help a bit.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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