hey boys…

It looks like we’re in for rain for the next couple of days and I thought that maybe a rain coat chat would be useful.  Winnipeg, in my opinion, doesn’t have a great selection of Men’s clothing stores for all shapes and sizes.  If you’re tall or large, there’s Moore’s or the Big and Tall stores.  If you’re average and made of money there’s Hanford Drewitt or Harry Rosen, to say the least.  If you aren’t made of cash, there’s always the Bay, Club Monaco and some casual Boutique type stores on Portage, Corydon, and Osborne.  Like I said in my earlier hey boys post, it all depends on your shape/physique.

The internet is a good place to go to look for gear that may suit your style and shape.  The only downer is that you must know your measurements and how you like the ‘fit’ of your gear. I have compiled a few rain coats that I think are fashionable and don’t look like you are going on an exhibition with Jacques Cousteau (nothing wrong with that look either…)

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