the fresh perspective…


I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned these sectioning clips!  They make any curling/straightening job a breeze because they keep the hair you aren’t working on out of the way.

I was giving a hair tutorial to my client this week and that’s when I realized the importance of theses clips.  She always thought when she would flat-iron her hair, she was to start from the top.  I let her know that starting from the top of your head is doing too much work…  If you start at the top how will you get to the underneath parts without destroying your hard work?  Well, with these sectioning clips, it’s easy!

Start at your nape and clip the hair you aren’t ironing/curling/styling up.  When you finish styling, release the clip.   Let down another section and clip up the above section.   Keep up with this system while working your hairstyle and it’ll take you less time to iron or curl or back-comb or whatever…  One only needs two of these clips and even if your hairs are short they can still come in handy.  Ask your stylist about these sectioning clips the next time you’re in your stylists chair and be prepared to wow yourself!

That’s the fresh perspective…

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