the fresh perspective…

Carbon Combs

If you don’t have a comb like this in your ‘hair tools’ kit, you should look into getting one.  The main draw about this comb is that it is made out of carbon properties so it’s very strong.  It won’t melt while you’re flat-ironing and it’s great for   because of the fine tooth side.  The best versatile combs are ones that have wide teeth on one end (for de-tangling, combing) and a fine side on the other end (for detailing, smoothing and back combing).

Why a brush over a comb you might ask? Well. I’ll tell you what and why you would use a comb over a brush.  Maybe you have a cute top knot and bangs and if you used a round brush in your bangs you’d get a sausage roll.  If you used a comb like the one above to blow dry your bangs it would give you a subtle bend and make it straight without too much volume.  If done well, you wouldn’t need to chase your bangs with an iron afterwards.  Basically, combs give no volume but are great for detailing and brushes are the best for volume.  Got it?  Depending on how often you style your hair, or if you change your hairstyle often, a carbon comb is a tool you should have in your arsenal.  If your salon doesn’t carry this type of comb they should be able to get it for you.  Just ask! That’s the fresh perspective…

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