the fresh perspective…

I think I am four here...

So my kid brother sent me this photo a while back and when I look at it I am in complete disbelief.  I am 32 and I look at my four-year old self and say, “four-year-old self, what is up?”  I look at my black little eyes and wonder if I even have a clue about my current state.  Ah… current state.  I don’t even know what to say about my current state other than, it’s very timely that I am having a perspective change in my life as the year turns from past to present.

2012 will be fantastic!  It will be riddled with good times, laughter, weddings, parties and much more.  It will be sprinkled with some failures and obviously some low points that may include tears.  All in all, I think that whatever this year dishes I will take it and eat it all.  I will accept and I will probably also deny.  I will work hard and then even a little harder.  I will push myself like I have never pushed myself before…wait.  That’s a lie, I pushed myself ridiculously last year and so…no.  I will not push myself like I have never pushed before ’cause I’ve done that already…

What do you guys think of resolutions?  Do you just use them as a way to try to start the year off with some purpose or are your resolutions goals you always have for yourself?  What does your 2012 look like?  Do you not know? Maybe it’s not your thing to have a bit of a plan going into things…  If you don’t know, now is not a bad time to gaze at your upcoming year with a different outlook.

What am I saying to you guys?  I’m saying, thanks for following us this past year, thanks for reading my rants and such, thanks for deciding to keep up with Freshair Boutique and Praise Okwumabua.  All the best to you and yours this year!  That’s the fresh perspective…

4 thoughts on “the fresh perspective…

  1. that is YOU! you look so similar to that four year old!! it looks like one of those digitally altered photos: make Praise look four: ta da.

    awesome. good post.

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