the fresh perspective…

you only live once...

Last Monday I heard some news that a young woman I knew had passed away.  She was 33 and 5 months pregnant.  She has been on my mind since I heard the news.  While I was online, I found a website that was dedicated to her.  It had images of her.  It had her biography.  It had a place to leave your condolences.

The tribute page featured an amazing poem written by her husband and allowed you to be able to leave a message or send your condolences to her family.  While reading the entries I was immediately saddened by the fact that she will never, ever, be able to read all the beautiful things that were said about her…”she had a beautiful heart”, “warm countenance”…phrases that she will never hear.  She may have lived her entire life not really knowing how many people she affected or how many people held her in such high regard.  I guess that’s why death is the way it is and why life is the way it is.  It is just what inevitably will happen to us all.

Why then do we not grasp the simplicity in the everyday things?  If we know that our lives are only lead once, and never know when it will end (but indeed it will) why can we not be more real?  Why can we not be more open?  Why can we not be more honest about how we feel and be honest about who matters most?  Deaths are a part of our lives, yet we live our days like we have years and years… We only have moments.  We only have the small instances that make the big picture seem so clear and present. We only have today. We only have now.

I want to live as many moments as I can with the least confrontation, negativity, drama etc. as possible.  I want to squeeze every last drop out of life and be free in my living.  I want to say, rest in peace Okwy.

That’s the fresh perspective…

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