the fresh perspective?…

my perspective is baby fresh!

So I’m not reviewing anything today but myself.  I posted tfp on August 13th and said a lot of things that didn’t really happen.  I need to come clean and just tell you guys whats up.  I have copied and pasted my list from the 13th to ensure that I take full responsibility for the things that I had typed.  My answers will be ‘bolded’.  Got it?  Good.

Here is the list of things I said were going to happen:

-we are getting a new website this month! still working on this… hit a bit of a glitch.

-we have some great promotions coming up to Christmas (yeah I said it…Christmas.  It is inevitable.).  done. malie. ’nuff said.

-we will be displaying the photos from our Freshair Boutique summer shoot. done.

-fresh.pop… ’nuff said… still working on this… hit a bit of a glitch.

-salon secrets party! done.

Wow, I did pretty okay on this list.  I was starting to feel bad about it but now that I see my list…not to shabby.   Making lists absolutely rules.  I love the accomplishment factor included in stroking things off…

We are now re-modeling our bathroom, so for anyone we forced to go to Starbucks, you are a winner.  It should be very useable by the week’s end.  Our kids photo shoot was awesome and as soon as our images are up, you will know.  Thanks for still being loyal peeps and hanging in there. That’s it for the fresh perspective…


3 thoughts on “the fresh perspective?…

  1. eee! christie told me that the photos were up in the salon! take a photo so i can see? 🙂 can’t wait to post those puppies, they’re just itching to be seen. 🙂

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