4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesdays

  1. Yes, Ive used this product before and noticed that it WAS compatible with my hair. I have very course and un-chemically treated hair AKA a natural and it allows my hair to appear to have a shine. However, my hair never does. I believe Praise and I have the same grade of hair. Can you recommend something that will actually make my hair feel nice because right now I can scrub dishes and work miracles with my fro.

    Sad Face!

    • hmmm… how often are you washing your hair? what is your regimen and what products do you use? i’ll be able to help you better if i know what you are doing as of right now… also, was there ever a time when your hair did NOT feel dry? if so, do you remember what you used and why? there. i think we can get something figured out…

  2. Wait I thought I posted my comment on the Olive Oil post. Im sorry. My hair has ALWAYS been dry and I wash it about once a week. I wear lace wigs most of the time because of work. (Im a flight attendant, they dont rock fro’s sadly! #Sidenote Im losing my edges where the combs are any thoughts?) The only time my hair did really well with holding moisture was when I used all motions products and had a perm/relaxer. Outside of that my hair has always been brittle in its natural state. People HATE braiding my hair.

    • at this point to really accomplish anything you have to be prepared to try everything. start with washing less than once a week. could you go 10-12 days? also what types of products area you adding to your hair daily? you on any medication? and lastly, how long is your hair? there’s only so much i can suggest without getting my hands in it but let’s give this a shot… oh and what shampoos/conditioners are you using? k, no more questions, for now…

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