the fresh perspective…


Osis has a product called dust it that is like a dry shampoo, and volumizer.  It comes in a powder form and adds a great matte finish and chunky texture.  This new product is very similar but comes in an aerosol can and not in powder form.

I used it for the first time when I was working on a hairstyle for fresh pop.  My model’s hair was a little dirty and I sprayed it onto her hair and yuck!  First, maybe I held the bottle too close but instantly her hair was not shiny looking but grey and sort of greasy feeling.  It had a weird slip to it and my models brown hair was now a shade of powder grey dust.  It added no volume, and actually looked like I dumped a boatload of powder into her hair.

I didn’t like the results at all and even after I sprayed from a further distance her hair just felt weird.  Luckily, I fixed the problem and the shoot went off without a hitch (stay tuned for that post)… Can’t say that this product is one I  may try again, I prefer dust it and that’s it.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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