the fresh perspective…

Style Manitoba Magazine

Freshair Boutique has a unique opportunity to show you what we are up to in Style Manitoba Magazine.  This magazine has been a part of Winnipeg’s local literature for 15 years!  It covers everything from homes to restaurants and everything in between.  You can discover us on their hair editorial page and we attempt, in every issue, to inspire the readers of this mag to try something new and fresh.

There are four issues a year that coincide with the seasons… The upcoming issue will be ‘fall’ and then the holiday issue (my ultimate fave) will feature something timely for the holiday season.  We aim to try to shake things up a bit and show images that are completely outside the box…  Our summer issue featured Christy Donald with a ton of highlighting papers in her hair…  She was pumping up the color for summer and we wanted to show a different take on a ‘summer look’.


We urge everyone to flip through the pages of this magazine to see what fun images we come up with and to see what’s up and coming in ‘Peg city.  Between our new museum, airport, rapid transit, stadiums and new NHL team, Winnipeg has so much more to offer these days and reading Style Manitoba Magazine is a great place to begin to explore our fantastic city.   If you haven’t read this mag yet then do it soon and if you have been reading it, thanks for supporting Winnipeg!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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