the fresh perspective…

Freshair Boutique

So we’re changing up tfp today.  Instead of reviewing a product of some sort I’ll be reviewing Freshair Boutique.

check me out...

We’ve been open for about a year and six months and things are looking good… It’s not the same without Jacqui but Andree is a great addition to our squad!  Yup, we’re the real deal and if you’ve been with us this whole time then you know all about that…  We just want our loyal peeps to know a few new things about us. If you are not a loyal peep stop reading.  Kidding! Go ahead…

-we are getting a new website this month!

-we have some great promotions coming up to Christmas (yeah I said it…Christmas.  It is inevitable.).

-we will be displaying the photos from our Freshair Boutique summer shoot.

-fresh.pop… ’nuff said…

-salon secrets party!

That’s just a little bit of what’s about to be going on around here.  For you freshfood followers, our new site will have a new/same blog so remember to re-subscribe to it when we make the switch.

Our new receptionist Maegan, is keeping us all on our toes with the latest from Freshair Boutique on Facebook.  If you don’t ‘like’ us already, you should.   You can still rely on me to serve you three times a week.  You will get your Praise post on Monday, the wordlessness on Wednesdays, and tfp on Saturdays.  If you didn’t get it tfp is ‘the fresh perspective’… Had a feeling some of you were wondering if I had a weird typing tick or something… No.  Just me trying to be relevant…

Okay. I think I covered it all and I hope you are all as excited as I am to take it to another level…inter-web style! What?!  That’s it.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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