Hair today, gone tomorrow…

The most popular question I get asked is,”what are the trends for hair right now?”.  Hair trends are funny because some never go away (like bangs)

nice baaangs...

and some are current for a distinct time (like side volume).

Is a fan blowing on her face? No. It's just side volume...

Well I believe that the trends tight now are ombre (dark roots fading to light ends),

Oh Shanae, you are sooo trendy!

texture (perms),

not too tight, not too loose...

and long lengths.  These current trends work best with long hair and I feel as though that is the main trend.

Long hair, right now, is where it’s at if you ask me.  If you never have had long hair then maybe this is the time to try it out.  If you love short hair and it suits you best, you can always use variations of the looks mentioned above to  achieve the trend.

I think that trends are fun but the best trend is to try to do things that suit your hair type.  That sounded a little cheesy but it is the truth.  If you stick with trends and styles that suit the kind of hair you have you will get more compliments on your lid.  FYI-always check with your stylist to see what’s new and available and then see if your hair can handle it.


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