Here we go…

This past weekend was the long weekend and to begin my summer experience I went to a few parties, planned a child’s party, and discovered a little something about myself.  (Stay tuned for my discovery, I’ll probably reveal it after next weekend…maybe.)  It was lovely and very busy.  Summer is almost here and I would like to commemorate her with this poem:

Summer makes ya dumber

In April the sky was hazy.
May was spent with my eyes gazing
at the light of June rushing towards my face
for you see that month was a special case
for me, and for those who wonder why
would a guy like me need sweet July.
There’s no reason, or maybe it’s just
that I need a little time to clean the dust
that’s been covering my face since October
and kept me so straight-faced and sober.
So til September rolls around
I’ll lay and relish the lovely sound
of my leisure that shall soon be drowned
when August is lowered underground.
Ha! I like how at the end he refers to August being the ‘end’…so tragic… I wish Winnipeg had summers for more than two/three months… Hope your long weekend was fantastic!!

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