the fresh perspective

oh the heights we could reach...

Dannyco Boar Bristle Round Brush

I’m following up on last week’s perspective which was Upload.  Upload is a volumizing lotion and the best way to maximize its potential is to use it with a round brush.  These bad boys come in many shapes and sizes.  The bigger the brush, the straighter the hair.  The smaller the brush, the more curl and volume you get.


-great grip in hair

-natural hair

-doesn’t burn hair


-bad grip in hands if you have product  on your hands

-too big for short hair

-not ideal for short frizzy hair

So that’s that.  When you’re in our shop next time, or in your stylist’s chair, ask for a blow out and let yourself be transformed.  Do not ask for a flat iron chaser after he/she finishes, I repeat, do not get the flat iron chaser!  Just take the blow out for what it is…amazing!  Trust me, give it a chance and you won’t regret it (and it lasts longer).  That’s it.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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