I’m going to Oprah!!


...the sun rises and sets on me...



Ok, I’m heading out to Chicago on Tuesday to go to the Oprah Winfrey show!  At first when I found out I was going I will admit I wasn’t that pumped up.  Oprah isn’t my favorite but now, I AM SUPER EXCITED!!

I used to watch her show regularly, and over the years I have felt that she changed.  She seems to have developed into an entity larger than life over the course of a few years… She cuts people off when she asks them questions, she says,”ya. ya. yah. yah.”, she’s pushy and sometimes a bit of a bully.  It looks like I have also changed because, knowing all this, I am now a Oprah fan again!!

Ok, the jig is up, I’m a fan cause it’s her last season and I’m hoping she does one of those,”everybody gets a ‘fill in the blank with an over-expensive something'”shows…  I’m going to Oprah!!

I don’t know anything about the episode we will be sitting in, but as soon as I know ANYTHING I will be tweeting like a mad man! Hopefully She’ll see me and I’ll get on T.V.!!  I’m going to Oprah!!



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