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Macadamia Natural Oil

mmm, I smell awesome...

Argan oil has become really popular in the past years.  You might be familiar with oils like Moroccan Oil and Marrakesh Oil.  Macadamia natural oil is pretty much the same type of product as the ones I mentioned earlier.  This product though, has macadamia nut oil in it as well as the argan oil.


-helps hair dry faster

-super conditioning

-great in hair wet or dry

-fantastic shine quality

-great for flat ironing

-like it scrunched into damp hair

-love the packaging

-glass jar (you can recycle)


-price point

I have really nothing bad to write about this product.  You can still use this product if your hair is fine, but you have to use less.  They also have a Macadamia Natural Oil ‘light’ that’s for fine or thin hairs.  I pretty much use this product everyday and in almost everyone’s hair.  I also like rubbing it on dry scalps.  It’s absolutely the best ok.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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