celebrate good times-come on!

Had a good weekend overall… I’m pretty much ready for Christmas and noticed a few things about my favorite time of year…  A boat load of people do not celebrate the holidays!  I feel like staff parties, and holiday ‘get togethers’ aren’t really attended as much as before.  Am I wrong?  Out of all the clients I ask, many don’t attend and some don’t do anything till the new year.

I will say that I’m not a fan of celebrating in the new year because it’s not ‘the holidays’ any longer…just a staff party in the new year.  There aren’t decorations all around the city, there aren’t christmas carols playing on every and any radio station, it’s just the new year.  Here we go again.

I know the main reason for a party in the new year is because December does get a bit frantic and since January  is as bor-ring as it gets, a party in this month gives one something to look forward to. Regardless! I will take the party in the craziest month of the year. I love it! I love the endless carols, the light snow and the random politeness we show each other when Christmas is near.

I think it’s unfortunate if you don’t attend your staff functions because you don’t ‘believe’ or ‘celebrate’  the reason for the season.  Does one have to choose what they believe in, in order to enjoy this time of year?  Why can we not celebrate for the mere fact that once a year the month of December focuses on family, togetherness and happiness?  Do you have to ‘celebrate’ said event on which ever day it is?  Festival of lights, cultural celebrations or the birth of a baby boy?  Why can’t we enjoy the carols, the lights, and the culture even if it’s not our style but because it is the one time of year that we can all take the time off to do whatever makes us happy. Merry/Happy Christmashanukkahkwanzaaholidays!


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