sweatpants and vanity…

Well today was my first day back to the gym after the birth of my second child…shout out to @coachbeaks at MPS!  Anyways, I’ve been dreading this day for the whole nine months I was pregnant.  I gained an impossible amount of weight and knew the dawning of this day was only a matter of time.

...just need the top of this muffin off...

Last week I went to sev in some rough-looking sweatpants and my grade twelve hoodie.  It was crazy cause I thought to myself, “self, should I be going out in public like this?” I answered yes and went.  Can I just tell you that some young man (god bless him) commented on how pretty I was?  I couldn’t believe it?! I looked like a hot mess and I still garnered some positive attention.  It’s too easy to just slack off and think that things are just fine the way they are even if we know we have pregnancy pounds to lose.  It would have been nothing for me to just take the compliment and accept my squishy physique. I know I don’t look horrible, but I know even more that at the weight I am, I don’t feel healthy.  I am prepared to go the distance no matter how hard it’s going be.  Why is complacency accepted when it comes to making decisions about how we look?  How many times have you heard or told someone, “you’re not that big, or that hair color isn’t too bad.”  Why do we  want the people we care about, or even ourselves to just settle?  It isn’t being vain, it’s caring. Unfortunately most times, folks will label it vanity.

Hello good lookin'!

Wanting to make a standing appointment for your hair cut so you never look dishevelled, or applying a little blush even if you are going to sev in paint stained sweatpants isn’t a display of vanity but  a display of caring about your appearance.  Looks aren’t the most important things in the world but  your appearance does make a huge impact on how others see you and how you carry yourself. Don’t get complacent about where you are in life and don’t just accept the way you treat yourself. Spend a little extra time on your lid in the morning or go to the gym a few times a week.

We can’t always look perfect on the outside but on the inside we should always strive to care about ourselves. If even in sweatpants (not the lululemon type either. Picture paint stained and almost see through. Man, what was I thinking..) I can get a nice complement then maybe I looked alright?  I do know that I felt great in my sweatpants and maybe that was all it was…


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