Ahhhh, Monday….

come back…

So, it’s the beginning of the week.  Again.  I swear I just left work on saturday and now…monday!   Where does the time go?  Someone told me once that the time seems to go by faster because as we age we experience the same things more frequently.  Let me explain… when you’re ten you may have only ever been late for something a few times, when you’re twenty you’ve probably experienced lateness many more times.  That might be, actually that is, a bad example.  The guy who told me this was just saying, in short, because you’re older things aren’t as new so they seem mundane, redundant and sometimes routine.  You would never have a career when you’re ten, but when you’re in your late twenties to early thirties you may be or have been doing the same job for many years thus adding to the ‘routine’ we feel.  Comprende?

I have been a hairstylist for ten years so maybe that’s why I feel like the weekend blows right by.  I get sunday and monday off but it doesn’t seem enough. Before I can get into the ‘day off’ thing it’s monday night and I’m preparing for my upcoming week.  Just as soon as I get a grasp on the upcoming week, it’s saturday again and then..monday.

I wonder if my friend is right about the experience thing…  Is there even a scientific explanation for the speed at which times seems to travel?


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